Mirror Mirror on the wall...BE the fairest of them all! After years of collecting vintage jewellery I began Mirror Mirror Bijoux in 2010 as a creative outlet that could no longer be denied! My aim was to create original and timeless jewellery pieces that mirrored the glamour and elegance of decades past (think old Hollywood glam) but with modern innovation that would capture the best of new and true vintage elements. (Is it me or are many true vintage necklaces often too short for anyone to wear comfortably today???)

We've seen first hand how that perfect piece of jewellery can just light a person up - something that makes them feel special and brings out their inner confidence and we absolutely LOVE being a part of that! All our pieces are hand made here in our studio which is based in Coquitlam, BC (major suburb of Vancouver) and because of this we are always happy to add a custom touch to your piece - so if you need extra length on that necklace or a shorter length on a bracelet just let us know - we're happy to oblige at no extra cost!

We began by selling exclusively through various bridal and vintage inspired clothing boutiques. Then one day one of the boutique managers asked me if I could create something for her Pinup clients and that is how our Cherry Collection began. Our cherries started having a cult following of their own in the city so we began offering pieces online in our Etsy boutique so we could share some of that cherry goodness to gals all over the world. What I love most about this collection is that it always brings on a smile and although they really help pull a vintage look together they are just as at home with a modern t-shirt and jeans.

We love it when a client comes to us with a theme or a special vintage piece of personal significance and asks us to create something just for them. All of these experiences help us to stay in tune with our clients and most of all keeps us inspired! We're ALWAYS happy to hear from you!!

We've been so fortunate to have collaborated with a variety of artists from different backgrounds and this continues to fuel our creativity and has resulted in us being featured in a wide range of magazines from bridal, pinup, burlesque, high fashion, photography to large event campaigns. Please visit our Facebook page and look under our "Custom & Editorial" folder to view previous collaborations.

Pamela C Botros


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